Welcome to our restaurant

At A B A Restaurant, you will instantly feel as though you walked into the city of Istanbul. We offer a variety of Mediterranean and Turkish dishes, all served within a comfortable, warm setting. The cafe provides generous portions, while maintaining modest prices.

Beside the dishes and appetizers; A B A Restaurant serves deserts in a very unique way. Baklavas and Kadayifis are directly shipped from Turkey. Other deserts are made by our chefs served fresh and with the touch of homemade taste.

A B A Restaurant provides an authentic atmosphere to their customers with its decoration. The cafe furnished by a private Decoration Company from Turkey. All the rugs, carpets and furniture are imported.

The best place to eat

A B A Restaurant has a garden in the back, called The “Secret Garden”. It has a unique and warm look. In the city, you will find the garden as a nice atmosphere to enjoy great food. The "Secret Garden" will pull you away from the stress of the city.

Make sure you come in to watch a soccer game at our "Secret Garden" and try one of our Hookahs while playing some Backgammon and sipping on your Turkish Coffee or Salep, and tasting our delicious Baklava!!